The Grand City Of Birmingham; England, UK, EU, Europe

Birmingham, the home of Gun-making from 1630 to 1970, and at the centre of the industrial revolution in a region still called the Black Country due to industrial pollution or to coal seams; and there are those who would not count Birmingham as part of the Black Country, it may have have been the industrialized city in the world. Its s also the home of the Mellotron, Cadburys Chocolate, a place known to be the centre of campaign for political reform, more canals that Venice, not as beautiful, but the Luftwaffe did destroy much of the city. Is also known for the idea that you should avoid mixing city development and imagination, and it is a good idea to run several motorways (highways) through a large city, and a better idea to ensure that you build the most complex motor interchange known as Spaghetti junction, (Gravely Hill Junction). It does not look so bad know, but both motorways were new as was the idea of mass car use.