The Beginning

Every beginning has an end; Often we don’t think of the ends of a project as we execute its initiation: In creating something we are the creators of its end, at least to the extent that we create the possibilities of its end. What can end that does not have a beginning.

The start of every new obsession is an entry into a relationship with something, some action that is an action that may lead to inaction. The new obsession is often a way to carry out the same actions within a different stream. The consideration of remote control aircraft, that becomes helicopters, that becomes submarines, and then an Aircraft Carrier. Is it possible to have a aircraft carrier that could receive r.c. aircraft. A tenth scale Ford class aircraft carrier would be a 33.7 metres long with a draft of 1.2 metres, with a narrow keel and a wide flight deck, how would it  turn without capsizing. An obsession moving on towards an impossible perfection; a sifting movement of self created obstacles, and so it is with the creation of music.

We listen to music; to music that has been created by others; the music arrives to our ears in its complete forms. When you listen to this music with poor equipment the separation of the parts becomes more difficult. Recordings in the studio that are freed from mistakes, for when they are made the effect is deleted, dubbed, and in general it is concealed. Listening to music is important, but we have to learn to listen in constructive ways.

Stories, always stories of its creation, of the discovery of music in the world of Pink Floyd, Queen, of exotic, expansive, and expensive ways of preparing a work to fly through distribution channels, all for the purpose of reaching your ears. Queen pushing 5 of more 24 track tape machines into slavery of the one machine, forming 100 track choirs with just four people. Tales of excesses that compromise the present. The practice, the playing always rushing forward into giant gigs in orbit, in which the stadium roof opens to display the galaxy, the stars; the advantage of living on its outer rim; to look above you and see it all.

Practicing, music flowing forwards in images of lighting rigs, of multimedia images, the impossibility of playing anything without recording. Each note, once it is played fades into silence, does this mean that this note is gone forever; can two notes ever be the same, are they replaceable. Is a letter or a word as exchangeable with similar looking word or phrase. Could it be that I am the only person who grieves when a letter or mark is destroyed by deletion and feels the guilt of its end even as it is replaced; how you decide which of two replicated words should be deleted.

Music, light, stages in space, outrageous sonic waves across every spectrum, waves of waves, an full cascade through all the visible and audio spectrum, and yet still here, in front of the piano trying to place five notes in the key of C and wondering how to use the left hand with the right. Moving through the piece, stopping at every mistake becomes the learning of the music, there must be another way.

Why is it so difficult to learn to read a bass clef when a treble or G clef is so much easier. Just glad not to learn of the many other clefs out there, minors, natural, greek or otherwise. A language to learn, and no guide to travel the distance with; why is the music you have to use to learn always so ghastly, and why is it that when you first try to play, its difficulty is increased if you have never heard it before.

But Technology, taking compact cassette players and cutting, and splicing the tape back together in different orders; wanting to edit but preserve is impossible. Discovering the advantages of listening to the Smiths in reverse. Reverse sounds that is different from playing something in reverse; the drum is unstruck, the bass is unplucked, the slinger glides his vocal slides in reverses, and the guitar untwinkles, introducing a loss that appears endless.

But back to the music, to the piano, to the wooded instrument with its little holes, to the table top that is also a drum. The music may aways be in the future, but at least the technology has arrived; can the music follow; I can’t imagine why, but the impulse to technic might slow the brain down long enough to grasp the basics.

This forum, this blog, this place new bright and shiny things is about the technology of music; It is part of a series on the subject of serial obsession within the context of Aattention deficit hyperactivity disorder of the inattentive kind.


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